Keep your Skin and Hair in top shape with these tips for Summers


Tips on Skin & Hair care for Summers

BNI-soultree-logoWith the arrival of harsh summers, taking care of skin & hair becomes even more essential.  Exposure to harsh sunlight & UV rays are harmful for us; heat stimulates the oily glands which results in oiliness, dehydration in skin & leaves the hair dry, brittle and faded. To match up the drift, just like our wardrobe, our beauty & hair too needs some seasonal restocking this season.

Filled with natural goodness, SoulTree’s BDIH certified organic beauty & personal care products are organically cultivated in the Himalayas or other natural habitats across the country. Each product has āyurvedic formulations with in-house processing which helps the skin & hair get the needed nourishment & care for all seasons.

Face Care:

Our skin is known as the most sensitive layer on the body & when it is exposed to heat it may react in form of rashes, tan, pigmentation, acne etc. To combat these, one can stick to a healthy nutritious diet & drink plenty of water to flush the toxins; and for the outer layer it is recommended to use natural products with cooling herbs.

Soothe and keep your skin cool by using SoulTree’s Nutgrass & Neem with Soothing Chamomile Face Wash made with hand-picked Chamomile from the forests of Ranikhet, organic Nutgrass and Mandarin oil making it a fresh, citrusy face wash. Humidity makes the skin more acne & oily prone hence, anti-microbial action from Neem protects against acne and keeps your skin clean.

For somebody with normal to dry skin, we recommend the Turmeric and Indian Rose with Forest Honey Face which gently cleans the skin leaving it fresh & fragrant.

BNI-good-hair-in-summerHair Care:

Oils provide great protection for your hair. Even the doctors advocates massages which tingle your scalp, improve circulation & give you an overall feeling of wellness & rejuvenation. Some handy Summer tips for Hair Care are to condition & oil hair always, tie the hair in loose & comfortable styles, and don’t suffocate your hair by using styling products often such as dryers, straighteners, and curlers etc.

A head massage with SoulTree’s Bhringraj & Methika in virgin Coconut oil, a rich & wholesome oil with a relaxing therapy to replenish & nourish the scalp & hair as a whole.

Alternatively, SoulTree’s cooling and non-greasy Aamla & Brahmi hair can also be used which is SLS/SLES & Mineral Oil free.

Authored By: Vishal Bhandari, Founder, SoulTree


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