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 Kevin Murphy brings treatment for hair and scalp damage 

September 2015, New Delhi: KEVIN.MURPHY, the global leader in hair care, delivers performance, strength and longevity. The brand brings KEVIN.MURPHY BORN.AGAIN and STAYING.ALIVE treatment to reclaim the lost health and nourishment of your hair.

BORN.AGAIN Essential Treatment

Kevin Murphy Treatment

Kevin Murphy Born Again treatment

BORN.AGAIN is the centerpiece and core treatment to repair damage of the hair and scalp, at a cellular level. It is a unique product that contains ingredients that are small in their molecular size and weight. This helps the treatment to work upon the cortex of the hair instantly and deliver results. With high concentration of natural ingredients and antioxidants, BORN.AGAIN treatment protects against further damage. While Grapefruit Extract promotes hair growth and is cellular regenerative, Vitamin H and Shea Butter prevents hair loss and smoothens frizz. Amino acids are the building blocks of repair that allows moisture to hold onto the hair, making BORN.AGAIN act as a medicine. Improving the health of your hair even further, it is also a perfect after color treatment as it improves color retention.

Kevin Murphy Treatment for Hair and Scalp Damage

Kevin Murphy Staying Alive treatment

STAYING.ALIVE Leave-in Treatment

A weightless leave-in treatment, STAYING.ALIVE works instantly to heal and repair your hair and scalp. With antioxidant rich ingredients like Olive Leaf Extract and Rose Hip Oil, this spray protects and strengthens the hair. While Honey and Ivy help moisturize, soften and provide flexibility and shine, Burdock Root Extract reverses scalp condition and works upon dandruff as well as combats hair loss.
This wonder product also aids elasticity and rejuvenates scalp and smoothens out frizz.


BORN.AGAIN  Essential Treatment: Rs. 2,975/ for 250ml

STAYING.ALIVE: Rs. 2,975/ for 150ml


KEVIN.MURPHY products are available in India through regular distribution channel or Headstart International at


Kevin Murphy, the SESSION.STYLIST has always been passionate about using products that do not harm oneself or the environment and so the KEVIN.MURPHY line was born.

Because of tremendous air and water pollution as well as high mineral content in water, hair tends to become dry and brittle causing breakage and thinning. KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity.

Kevin Murphy has always been careful to not harm the environment while making products and therefore, a lot of effort went in searching associates that used micro-cultivation, organic growing practices and ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure that the KEVIN.MURPHY range is of the very highest environmental standard.

KEVIN.MURPHY adopted packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. The choice of paper for packaging was made from post-consumer waste and all of the secondary packaging is paper or cardboard. KEVIN.MURPHY strategically planned square packaging as that holds more volume and uses 40% less plastic in an aim to take up less space.

The brand was conceptualized to suit the different needs of individuals. KEVIN.MURPHY products have been developed for various hair and scalp types like washes that detox, hydrate, plump, balance and regenerate. Additionally, the styling products can easily be layered on or restyled through the day without weighing the hair down.

KEVIN.MURPHY products also fight the damage caused to hair by harsh sunrays and air pollution because it contains UVA and UVB filters in the products. KEVIN.MURPHY products focus on repairing, regenerating and treating the hair using natural and organically harvested ingredients that work like skin care for the hair.



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