LetsShave to Redefine Indian Shaving Market


Global brand Dorco has now entered the Indian market riding on LetsShave. By bringing Dorco to India, challenger-brand LetsShave plans to shake up the Indian shaving market which currently enjoys an almost monopolistic single-player dominance. LetsShave will provide an exceptional shaving experience to Indian by providing them quality shaving products at the right pricing. Dorco has been manufacturing the highest quality blades since 1955 that are sold to over 100 countries across the world.


Dorco is extremely pleased with the indications coming in from the Indian market. Speaking about their launch in the Indian market Mr Hong, Ju Shik, Global Chairman, Dorco said, “The entire world is enamoured by the potential that India has to offer. It is a huge market, which is discerning and extremely intelligent. It wants the best, at the right price, and that is what we are here to offer. We have a great partnership in LetsShave, and we are quite optimistic that within a short span of time, India will become one of our leading markets.”

LetsShave is introducing a number of firsts in the Indian market. First of all, it is going to harness the power of Internet and Digital India. LetsShave is using the ecommerce platform for the sale of its product range in India, in keeping with the Indian and global trends. Its website www.letsshave.com is already live and attracting a lot of interest. Significant sales have already been achieved in the soft-launch phase itself. Letsshave.com also has strong logistics network channels that delivers the products anywhere in India.

Secondly, Letsshave is launching India’s first shaving club in India partnering exclusively with Dorco who is also the supplier to the extremely famous Dollar Shave Club of the US which has over 2 million subscribers, all of whom were extremely unhappy with the extremely high costs and monopolistic approach of the shaving razor companies in their region. The India’s first Shaving Club will provide a holistic experience to its members, and ensure that they have a smooth silky shave, the best its members have ever had.

LetsShave will also introduce the World’s first 6-blade razor with trimmer from Dorco in India offering a true one-stroke shaving solution. This razor with a substantial feel and ergonomic handle is truly on the forefront of wet-shaving technology. This will provide a quicker, cleaner and closer shave to its users.

LetsShave is also introducing the pinnacle of shaving innovation with the newly implemented technology called Common Docking System. This technology allowed to cut the cost even more and select personalised combination the skin deserves and hence customize the shaving experience. It allows the shaver to use the same razor irrespective of which razor blades are being used. And this coupled with the inaugural offer of free razor handle with razor blades will make the offering more exciting.

It is just a matter of time when we will see a paradigm shift in the user habit of the Indian shaving community


DORCO, is a leading name in the shaving razor, razor blade, kitchen knives and stationery cutters category. Dorco has been manufacturing the highest quality technologically advanced and superior quality disposable shavers, shaving systems and shaving accessories for men and women since 1955 that are sold to over 100 countries across the world.

Dorco is well established in the USA, and is Asia’s market leader for disposable shaving products and is a household recognized brand in numerous Asian countries. Dorco has introduced the pinnacle of shaving innovation to the consumer marketplace, including the world’s first 6 blade shaving system, as well as the patented angulated blade platform.


 LetsShave is the exclusive partner for Dorco in India, and will be utilizing the ecommerce platform through its website www.letsshave.com for selling its products in India. Letsshave is committed to the concept of ‘Close Shave at Amazing Price’, and aims to deliver an exceptional shaving experience right at the doorstep. By delivering directly from the manufacturer with no middleman cost, Letsshave aims to catalyse 30% to 50% cost differential than other competitive brands.


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