Make way for Denim Hair- Spring’s coolest hair color trend


Now match your hair with your favorite pair of jeans with denim-style hair coloring

Say hello to Denim hair!

Say hello to Denim hair!

The Rainbow color hair trend from 2015 made quite a splash on the beauty and fashion circuit.

From Aurora Borealis hair to Rainbow Underlights, these vivid hair color trends grabbed eyeballs and appreciation. These unique hair color trends managed to mesmerize and wow us all but were not ideally suited for everyone. Also, it wasn’t easy getting the shades of Northern Lights right!

But now there’s a new trend in town known as “denim hair”. It might be latest take on pastel strands and also perhaps much quieter and wearable way to sport an unnatural shade.

The rich indigo tones into a stonewash blue makes for the perfect denim hair. Denim hair incorporates blue, pale green, gray hues and even shades of purple blending them together to create a soft, dusty look reminiscent of denim jeans.

It’s so versatile. Not only are there endless combinations of these blues, grays, lilac, and opal shades but also these can be customized to cater to your style goals.

A model sporting Denim hair

A model sporting Denim hair

You have the liberty to try out different washed-up shades for your moods. From dark-wash to a pale acid-wash hue. Match your mood and hair with your denim. The Denim hair works for all hair lengths and types and gives an edgy and cool look.

Also as Denim (the fabric and the dye) goes with everything; and you have been worried about if the particular hair color trend will suit your style, this might be the trend you need to try. We are absolutely loving this new cool trend of Denim hair. Beware, this stylish hair color trend might want to make you color your hair blue! Like it or dislike it but you certainly cannot ignore it.


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