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Discover the right products for Monsoon hair care with Schwarzkopf Professional

 Stylist Najeeb Ur Rehman, Schwarzkopf Professional shares rain-proof hair hacks that will help locks survive the wet weather

BNI-Schwarzkopf Professional -BC_OilMiracle_RangeComp (2)Mumbai: Monsoon, the season of falling water, is a beautiful time of year as it provides the much required cool-relief after the harsh summer. From sun-showers to thunderstorms, the monsoon season can produce less flattering hair days. Whether it’s frizz, flat hair or a just an overall hot mess, Veteran and Senior Stylist, Mr. Najeeb Ur Rehman, Head Professional Partnership Services, Schwarzkopf Professional, Henkel Beauty Care shares the best rain-proof tress tricks to help your locks survive the wet weather.

  • Trim Your Tresses: Short hair needs less maintenance. If the hair length has grown, it’s time to trim the hair before monsoon season begins.
  • BNI_Schwarzkopf Professional -BC_SP_Shampoo_250mlNourish Them Right: Wage the war on frizz in the shower. Since the frequency of hair washes increase during the monsoon months, it is important to use the right shampoo and conditioner. Products that have formulae specifically designed to fight the frizz like the BC Smooth Perfect Shampoo and conditioner and a good leave in-conditioner like the Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner help to keep the tips moisturized throughout.
  • Blot Dry: After washing your hair or when the hair is drenched, avoid rough drying the hair with a towel as it ruffles the cuticle, causing frizz. Instead gently blot dry with a towel avoiding any rubbing movements to remove excess water before blow-drying.
  • BNI_Schwarzkopf Professional-OS 10 Flatliner_200mlStyling Agents: Rain-proof your hair by using a product that helps seal the cuticles OSiS+ Flatliner for straight look or OSiS+ Magic serum can be used for all hair style. Always carry products/serums that will smooth rough cuticles at any given time.
  • Dodge the Hot Styling Tools: Electric styling tools can be harmful for the hair if not used properly. An inappropriate use can cause frizz in hair. Always use a serum or light hair treatment like BC Oil Miracle before hot styling your hair.
  • Nutrition: An overall balanced diet including fruits and vegetables, whole grains and eggs and plenty of water everyday helps in keeping your hair healthy.
  • Flaunt The Wet-Look Locks: When everything else fails, put your hair into an effortless scrunched wet-look locks, by adding a small amount of OSiS+ G Force for an intentional shower-wetness.

BNI_Schwarzkopf Professional-OS 10 GforceThe trick to refining your hair this monsoon is simple: a fuss-free haircut, regular shampooing and a good leave-in conditioner. This will ensure that you’re singing in the rain and definitely not worrying about the damp in your hair!

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