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Ethendra Prem Kumar

Raaga Professional products are high on natural ingredients and based on breakthrough technology innovations, let us learn more from the brand itself.

Mr. Ethendra is the Business Head of Cavinkare’s fastest growing division, Retail Salon Products.

With over 15 years of experience with companies like Nestle, Heinz and L’Oreal, he is a seasoned professional with rich experience in FMCG & Salon professional business. Having been brought up in an Army background he is an able leader known for building and managing high performance teams that deliver on the organizational objectives of Topline, profit & cost aspects.

What has been your approach so far?

Raaga-LogoOur technology is harnessed by the research and development to provide unique products. The brand is driven by marketing strategies to create new services and activities aimed at our salons and consumers. We have a lot of new products to offer the market. Every product launch is accompanied by aggressive promotional activities. We educate our experts by training them intensively through Raaga hair & skin institute & mass seminars.

What is your expansion model?

Our products are distributed across the county. Our target is to be available is about 10000 salons by the fiscal year 2015-16. We service our clients through one-on-one contact; we have an extensive supply network that ensures speedy delivery and availability of products on demand, helping us expands in our forte.


Pro Botanix Products

What are the advantages with Raaga Professional in this crowded sector of professional hair colors?

Raaga Professional products are high on natural ingredients and based on breakthrough technology innovations. After spending a good amount of our resources in research and development, we have devised PRO 10 EXPRESS Range, which is based on a 10 minute processing time with high diffusion technology, while also having natural essential oils to keep the hair healthy while coloring. Raaga Professional has also a range of professional hair color series of superior quality at affordable prices.

What are the other products under Raaga Brand?

Raaga Professional has an exclusive range of hair care and skin care with variants catering to the different needs and concerns of the customers.

ProBotanix Haircare range
ProBotanix Hair spa range
Hygienic single use facial kits
Liposoluble wax
Spa massaging oils


Liposoluble Wax, A Raaga Professional Product.

What are your future plans?

We intend to reach the top in 500 towns & 50,000 salons with our wide range of ground-breaking and modern products in the next 5 years and be a one stop shop across all categories. We endeavor to keep up and surprise our clients with our ideas translated into unique product offerings.

What is your view on the online and digital space?

The digital space remains as a tool for many brands to reach out to their customers by providing innovative options. We are set to explore our opportunities in this platform and focus on expanding our brand in the near future.


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