Ms. Shveta Paul, Category Head – Beauty & Personal Care at Amway India Enterprise


Shveta Paul, veteran with close to 20 years of work experience across marketing and brand management,

Shveta-PaulGiven below are excerpts from Shveta Paul; hveta Paul heads Amway’s beauty category comprising of brands such as Artistry and Attitude. Shveta also heads personal care brands i.e., Satinique, Glister, G&H, Persona and Dynamite.
She has been associated with Amway for more than 3 years and we take this opportunity to highlight two promising brands in beauty from Amway which has been used and recommended by beauty enthusiasts.

Role of Artistry and Attitude and the difference between both brands?

Artistry and Attitude complement each other as they are targeted at completely different sets of consumers.
Artistry offers a range of skincare & makeup products that address every beauty need for women of all skin types and skin tones globally. From basic hydration to advanced anti-aging and everyday makeup needs, Artistry is always looking to find the best ingredients from around the world, partnered with global trends to develop breakthrough products allowing artistry to stay ahead in beauty.

Artistry-Forward-Beauty-LogoArtistry being a prestige beauty brand with a sophisticated skincare portfolio is targeted at a mature Indian consumer. We launched Artistry more than a decade ago in the country. We found immediate success in India and so as a company we focussed on expanding the portfolio to address evolving needs of modern Indian women – anti ageing. Artistry is ranked among the top-five, largest-selling premium skincare brands* in the world. It is clearly a market leader in the prestige skin care segment in India.

Attitude-Logo-with-TaglineAttitude was launched for addressing the needs of young Indian consumer. The portfolio consists of products which are very purposive and formulated to address the skincare issues faced by young Indian consumers.

What is your POS (Point of Sale) in this crowded sector?

We have a unique distribution model – the direct selling one. Infact, we are India’s largest direct selling company. In a typical FMCG company, the product will go through a long chain of distribution network – Manufacturing plant -> Company Ware House -> Regional Ware House -> Regional Stockist -> Super Stockist -> Stockist -> Distributor -> Retailer.

In our case, it is very simple – from the manufacturing plant to the company ware house to the distributor. Our distributors sell products basis personal recommendations regarding the use of distinctive high quality products.

Would you target or cater to professional beauty segment?

We don’t have any plans to cater to professional beauty segment. We are a direct selling major and we will continue to sell our products the same way. In the same breadth, let me add here that we have products like the Artistry Intensive Skincare line which offers benefits through at-home solutions which are comparable to a professional treatment.

Do you have any future strategy for availability of products for retail?

Like I have mentioned above, we are into direct selling and we will continue to operate in the same way.

Marketing strategy at Amway for both brands in Beauty.

We follow very distinct marketing strategy for both the brands. Artistry is a prestige segment brand so we target an evolved beauty consumer. Keeping in line with its prestige positioning, we advertise in prestige beauty and fashion magazines like – Vogue, Grazia and Harper’s Bazar. We leverage Artistry’s international brand Attitude-Be-Bright-Rangeambassador Teresa Palmer in India.
For Attitude, we follow a completely distinct strategy – the brand engages with youth at various levels. We do mass media brand advertising targeted at the youth. We also do events such as fashion shows to engage with them at the ground level. The product portfolio of Attitude is kept simple yet purposive,
so that it answers all the skin care needs of the young discerning consumer. We refresh our color cosmetics range every 6-9 months to keep pace with the changing needs of the youth of today.

Our biggest strength is that our distributors sell/ retail our products basis personal recommendations. So a lot of effort goes in ensuring that the distributors understand our product range. We initiate a series of training led initiatives to support and educate Amway distributors across the country. We also offer a digital learning course for Amway distributors. This training is a crucial element for Amway as it helps the distributors educate, guide and recommend products to the end consumer.
For example, we did more than 150 experiential Spas across 25 cities to support the launch of Satinique range of products.

Many Direct Selling companies in Beauty cosmetics are facing a drop down in sales, is it the same for Artistry and Attitude?

We are happy with how the beauty business in India has evolved. We have aggressive plans for both the brands so that they continue to grow in the country.
With severe competition in Beauty cosmetics, would Amway still restrict Artistry and Attitude to direct selling?Artistry-range-shot
Amway is worldwide direct selling leader operating in over 100 countries and territories. We have achieved this success riding on the world class products that we offer sold through the direct selling model. We will continue to operate in the direct selling space.
The direct selling model of Amway is a strength in the prestige skincare segment. There is a market for evolved beauty products even in smaller towns. We are able to reach out and service these consumers courtesy our direct selling model. Amway has an advantage of reaching to maximum consumers in C and B towns through its robust distributor network where beauty market is evolving. In fact Artistry being the only direct selling prestige brand of skincare has penetrated in markets like Northeast through its distributor force where prestige brands could not reach due to dearth of luxury malls.

Future plans with Attitude and Artistry.


We have a very aggressive plan to support both the brands. We have recently launched a new range of colors under the brand Attitude. The new range offers an exciting shades of products inspired by the scorching heat of summer. The range includes Intense Lipsticks, Nail Paints, Eye Shadow, Blusher, Compact, Eyeliner, Mascara and a Kajal Pencil.
In addition, we have also launched Attitude Be Bright range of products which includes – Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Masque, Day Cream as well as a Night Cream. The Attitude Be Bright Range comprise of Brightening complex (LumiskinTM, Lotus Japonicus Symbiosome Extract and Vitamin A &E) which highlights your features and leaves you with visibly fairer and glowing skin in 4 weeks.* The range, meant for the confident, free spirited and playful modern young women has been specially developed for Indian skin tones and weather conditions.
*System Claim: When used as a system as per recommended usage. System include, Face Wash, a Face Scrub, a Face Masque and a Day Cream as well as a Night Cream.


We believe there is lot of unexplored potential for a brand like Artistry in India.
We already have a robust portfolio in the anti-ageing space and we are targeting to expand our portfolio in this space. This expansion will help us further service the needs of an evolved beauty consumer. This evolved consumer is seeking a more specific solution rather than a generic one. For example, within anti-ageing, the need of a 30 year old women is different from that of a 40 year old. The younger one want to delay the first sign of ageing while the older ones is looking for a solution to address lifting and firming needs.
Artistry has the portfolio to adequately service both the needs.



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