Nail Polish Removers from Bloomsberry



BNI-bloomsberry-nail-polish-removers-Bloomsberry introduces exclusive range of nail care products with its unique features and quality catering to individual nail requirements and problems

Nail Polish removers in 4 variants

Nourishing Nail Polish Remover: An ocean fragrant nail polish remover which nourishes your dry nails and cuticles. This formulation is especially suitable for people who have problem of dry nails and cuticles as it pampers them by providing moisture through glycerin and other emollients that nourish nails with fresh fragrance.

Strengthening Nail Polish Remover: A green apple scented nail polish remover which helps in dealing with the problem of brittle nails and helps to strengthen weak nails without drying cuticles.

Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover: Lemon fragrant nail polish remover which is acetone and is free best suited of natural, acrylic/ artificial nail and nail art.

Nail Revival Nail Polish Remover: Regular use of nail polish and cosmetic products tend to make nails yellow which appear very unattractive. Presenting a unique nail revival formulation enriched with citric acid which helps to restore the natural colour of nails.




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