Nailspa Experience Introduces The Gold Aura Manicure and Pedicure with Gold Flakes For The Coming Season


Nailspa Experience have curated & introduced the most Premium range of Manicure & Pedicure for this wedding season. This range is exclusive and one of its kind & is called the Gold Aura Manicure & Pedicure. This indulgent manicure & pedicure uses ‘Gold Flakes Scrub’ and ‘Gold Flakes Soak’ an excellent skin enhancer that unveils warm, soft and glowing skin for the bride and groom to be.

  • The Gold Soak:Golden flakes are used in the soak prepared for the pedicure
  • The Gold Scrub:A scrub with gold flakes that gives the skin an instant glow
  • The Massage:Slow massage at stress points relaxes the nerves and muscles of the feet, much needed for the bride amidst the hustle and bustle of wedding
  • The Mask:feet are wrapped with the mask which has Gold Flakes to ensure warmth of gold retained and absorbed by the skin for a long-lasting result.

The process starts with application of Cuticle Cream on filed nails and then soaking the hands/feet in warm water containing the Gold Soak for 5-7minutes. The feet are then scrubbed with a scraper. The cuticles are cleaned and pushed back for finer and finished look. Then follows a relaxing massage in circular motion with the Gold Scrub and steam allowing the scrub to melt and invigorate your senses. The product is them removed and the hand/feet are massaged. The process is completed with the application of Goldmask and removed after 5-7 minutes.

This sinful treat of this treatment has many benefits like

-Skin brightening and rejuvenation

-Significant reduction of blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines

-Its Anti tanning, Anti-ageing and Anti-Bacterial

-Combat damages made by Sun

-Provides oxygen to skin

-Maintains skin elasticity and suits all skin types

This luxurious indulgence should top every brides & grooms check list this wedding season.

Duration: 60 Minutes each

Price: On Request


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