Naunihal Singh of Strands on his brand and changing the face of hair business in India

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Naunihal Singh

Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd. established in 2005 is now one of the biggest salon chains in India having presence in 18 states & 68 salons. Strands Salons provides a vast range of skin, beauty, hair, makeup and spa treatments by artists trained by experts from Wella and Strands Academy.

Strands has emerged as a brand itself and has been immensely successful, being an associate to huge brand like “Wella”. The company is growing in leaps and bounds and providing avant-garde service to outdo the meaning of the word “Attractive”.

BNI talks to NAUNIHAL SINGH, Founder & CEO of Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd, about his journey as an entrepreneur and what he aims to achieve in the world of beauty.

What inspired you to develop Strands Salons?

The vision to inspire entrepreneurs next door. To sow seeds of the biggest beauty brand in India. To make world class beauty care accessible to every home.

Tell us more about the current affiliations with Strands?

Wella, world’s leading professional hair care brand is Strands partner. Under the SASD banner, affiliations with NSDC, BWSCC and Skill India are the ground breaking initiatives Strands have taken for the welfare and growth of everyone.

BNI-SASD-academyWhat is unique about SASD?

SASD, Strands Academy for Skill Development is a platform to tap the unlimited skill reservoirs hidden in geographic and demographics of India. Empowering 50,000 skilled careers by 2020 is not just a lofty statement. Strands believes in it and have the infrastructure, the expertise and the capability to become a proud contributor in the national mission of Skill India.

What has been your latest ventures other than Strands and SASD?

Yogagyaan International. As the name suggest Yogagyaan is an initiative to introduce to the world the treasure trove of ancient yoga like never before. The 5000 year heritage of yoga is still hiding behind the curtains of mythology. The true essence isso powerful and so therapeutic that it is much beyond the domains of power yoga and the yoga fashion which has become an integral part of today’s lifetyle. Yogagyaan is invoked by most respected mentor, a prodigy of legend Mr.Iyengar.

What has been your recent achievements and accolades?

Whenever a new Strands outlet opens is an achievement. Whenever a franchisee entrepreneur expresses gratitude it is an accolade. Today Strands is a pan India brand with presence in 18 states.

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Naunihal Singh(L), actor Karisma Kapoor(M) and Raman Ghai(R)

Your future plans?

Mission 500 salons by 2018. 50,000 skilled careers by 2020. Strands Academy, Yogagyaan Academy to become final words in beautiful and healthy careers.

Your vision

Strands should become the flag bearer of wholesome happiness in millions of lives. Beautifully, healthily and joyfully.



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