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Save Yourself From Those Burning Sunrays

Vedic Line Presents New Range Of Sunscreen Lotions

Vedic line Natural Sun Screen Lotion SPF 15-A

Vedic line Natural Sun Screen Lotion SPF 15-A

March 2016: Do not swelter in the sun and burn yourself up with harmful sunrays, Vedic Line presents a brand new range of Sunscreen Lotions that consist of SPF 15 to SPF 30. Suitable for every skin type, the sunscreen lotions are specially crafted after researching the Indian skin type, weather conditions and its requirements.

The top two Sunscreen Lotions are Natural Sun Screen Lotion SPF 15 and SunProctor SPF 30 that protect the skin from UVA rays of the sun with its unique combination of Aloe Vera and Burnt Zinc. It does not allow easy penetration of rays and keeps the skin from getting tanned or burnt. It also prevents melanin from coming on surface and helps keep the skin safe and supple. One can apply the lotion 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun for best results. Non-greasy and easy to apply, the lotions come in two handy sizes of 75ml and 120ml which can be easily carried in a handbag just in case you wish to reapply it.

Price: Rs.140/- onwards (75ml to120ml)




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