Now you see it, now you don’t: Camouflage manicure


So you have tried Camouflage print Clothing? now it’s time to try Camouflage print nails

Camouflage manicure in black & grey

Camouflage manicure in black & grey

With the popularity of camouflage print, right from clothing to footwear, bags and sunglasses, why must nails be spared!

The nail artists and enthusiasts decided to take ‘cool’ to new level by bringing in Camouflage manicure.

Camouflage is the idea of obscuring things to deceive an enemy. Usually done by means of merging objects to the background so that they are lost to view.

Camouflage print have been used by the military in battles to stay safe and concealed. Camouflage print is all about mottled design, usually in shades of green and brown, as that used in military camouflage.

So bring out your weapons of nail decoration and give an uber-cool look to your nails.

To get Camouflage  manicure, you will need earthy colors like olive, brown, black , green, beige. Dotter tool or toothpick, top coat to seal in the colors and patience!

Watch the tutorial to see how to do a classic Camouflage  manicure:

You may also try colors like shades of grey, white, blue, yellow and orange and even red. Mix and match and come up with interesting and striking Camouflage patterns that will add chic look to your nails.

Camouflage manicure in neon green

Camouflage manicure in neon green

Try the Camouflage manicure, it  might feel refreshingly new and stylish. Experiment with colors and you can add a playful touch to your nail fashion. In the urban jungle, Camouflage may not be about remaining hidden but getting into focus.




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