Prepare yourself for better skin with Dermalogica Face Mapping®


Advanced skin health with Dermalogica Face Mapping®

BNI-face-mappingThe skin does not lie. When examined by a skilled skin care professional, the skin tells all:
whether sun-bathing or rich food is a habit, the current stress level, how many cups of coffee were downed that morning, and how many cocktails the night before. To navigate and interpret this intensely revealing, constantly changing topography, Dermalogica has developed a revolutionary skin analysis tool called Face Mapping®

Expert analysis…Healthy Skin….Targeted results by Dermalogica

Analysis of the skin is the foremost step in any skin treatment. Face Mapping® by Dermalogica is a groundbreaking method of skin analysis which divides the face into 14 zones. Not only does it provide an accurate diagnosis of skin concerns, it actually helps to detect them before they surface.

With Face Mapping® by Dermalogica the skin therapist is armed with the ultimate in skin analysis, designing a skin care treatment and home care prescription that are completely personalized to your unique needs.

Know your zones.


Dermalogica Face Mapping® divides the face into 14 individual zones

The answers to skin care concerns come from your own skin! Through Dermalogica Face Mapping®, the skin analysis that divides your face into 14 individual zones, your Dermalogica skin care professional will help uncover the healthy skin results you’ve been looking for.

The process begins with a comprehensive face-to-face consultation between the therapist and client, covering general health issues, exfoliation history (whether the client has had chemical peels, laser or dermabrasion, for example), sun tolerance, and lifestyle-related questions etc.

For the examination itself, Face Mapping® combines three techniques for analysis:

  1. Visual examination of the skin under a high-powered magnifying lens
  2. Examination of the skin by touch
  3. “Reading” of the skin as an indicator of internal organ health, drawing upon the centuries-old tradition of Chinese Facial Diagnosis, which also monitors the overall quality of Qi (chi) or life- force in the body.

Face Mapping® represents a far more exacting, specific method for skin examination than any other technique currently in practice. “Every square inch of the skin is closely scrutinized,” says Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica. “We have brought together these three complementary techniques as the most sophisticated form of preparation possible for a truly customized treatment program. The FACE MAP must be kept as accurately as a patient’s chart in a doctor’s office. In this way, we have truly brought skin care into the 21st century”.


Dermalogica face mapping expert in action


The Dermalogica “Face Mapping” is like a report card of your skin. The expert minutely scrutinizes every inch on your face and predicts skin health. Modern technique along with ancient wisdom is used to predict past, present and future of the skin.

Later, customized treatments are suggested based on the skin condition and targeted problems.

The expert is trained to study the skin condition and suggest products accordingly. You get to use products under supervision to see instant results. Just like no two fingerprints are same, skin requirements are different for people. The idea behind Dermalogica face mapping is to find customized treatments for individual skin types and problems.

Dermalogica Face Mapping is available at selected Dermalogica outlets in Shoppers Stop across India in the following cities:

Mumbai  –  (Malad Shoppers Stop  –  Inorbit Mall)

Mumbai  – ( Juhu Shoppers Stop –  Dynamix Mall  – PVR Juhu)

New Delhi – ( Rajouri Shoppers Stop – Eross Mall )

Hyderabad  –  Banjara Hills Shoppers Stop – GVK One Mall )

Bangaluru – (Kempegowda International Airport  – Arcelia )

Dermalogica Face Mapping is free for all and does not require prior appointment. Walk in anytime to get precise analysis for your skin. Both men and women can come to get their face mapped.

After the analysis, free samples are provided to suit skin type and treat skin conditions.

The Dermalogica Face Mapping is certainly an experience not to be missed. Giving the right treatment and nourishment to skin is important. Go ahead, get the Dermalogica Face Mapping done at your nearest outlet and prepare yourself for a better skin.


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