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Get pampered with signature massages at Spa la Vie: these therapies will surely make you melt with delight

BNI-Spa L'Occitane-Angelica Fountain of GLow- RePlumping and HydratingAngelica Fountain of Glow- Re-Plumping and Hydrating

Angelica Fountain of Glow, a unique skin care treat with refreshing textures and great skin benefits. Angelica facial enhances skin hydration, vitality and suppleness, thanks to the patented complex of angelica water and essential oil, combined with our signature drainage face massage”. Skin is immediately moisturized, re-plumped, more radiant…purely glowing with beauty! Angelica is best suited for young skin and prevents the first signs of Ageing. It gives hydration, moisturization, makes the skin more radiant.

Provencal vivifying journey proceeds with a consultation with an in-house wellness expert. While your requirements are decided and shared with the therapist, you are offered a detoxifying honey, ginger, lime and mint tea. Before you enjoy the tea, you must refresh and sooth your facial muscles with the hot and cold towels infused with rose fragrance. As the eyes are closed with towel on the face, one is straight away taken to, as they say, L’Occitane’s organic lavender farms in Provence.

Even the most specific needs are taken care of such as the pillow is made even more relaxing with Pillow mist spray enriched with Lavender, tea tree and geranium. Then the dexterous hands begin the extensive protocol of, what L’OCCITANE is most renowned for, an unforgettable facial experience!

The Angelica facial treatment includes cleansing, toning, skin analysis, exfoliation and hot compress. After the hot compress therapist will proceed with the comedon removal. After the extraction, therapist will perform the signature drainage face massage that ensures all possible impurities are removed from the face. Now face is cocooned with the mask on eyes, face & lips, on top of it, Therapist will apply the L’OCCITANE exclusive herb mask. While mask is on, Relaxing Shoulder Massage & hands massage is performed to experience the serenity. After removal of Mask once again toning is performed to hydrates the skin and make the skin ready to absorb the Angelica hydration cream, Angelica protective lotion SPF 15 and Eye retreat.

BNI-Spa L'Occitane-spaThe treatment is concluded with ending ritual performed by Revitalizing blend enriched with Rosemary, Mint and pine that stimulates the senses.

Post treatment therapist ascertain guest satisfaction, does product consultation, explain daily skin care and weekly skin care routine and post treatment advice.

You may get recollect yourself in our welcome lounge with a sip of hot mint detox signature drink.

Benefits: Moisturizing, Hydrating, re- plumping, Smoothing, refreshing, makes skin more radiant, It Protect the skin, improves glow and beauty. It also prevents 1st signs of ageing.

Duration: 75 Mins

Massage technique: Drainage massage

Price: 4000+Tax

BNI-Spa L'Occitane - Relaxing Aromachologie MassageRelaxing Aromachologie Massage: For all age groups

This Relaxing Body Massage is based on Swedish Effleurages, combined with Chinese Acupressure points and long kneading Balinese movements. Thus, it combines the European traditional massage with the best of Asian techniques. Performed all over the body, from back to hands and legs to feet, this massage will deeply relax the muscles, while enhancing circulation, to promote overall health and well-being. Our specific Aromachologie massage oil blends pure essential oils of Lavender, Tea tree and Geranium, traditionally known for their relaxing properties, to enhance the treatment benefits and release all tensions: stress just fades away!

This heavenly-soft experience will bring you to a deep level of relaxation and leave your mind and body totally rested.

BNI-Relaxing Aromachologie Massage oilMain Product Used- Aromachologie Relaxing Oil

Combines essential oils of lavender, geranium and tea tree to help calm and relax body and mind.

Duration: 60mins

Price: 3250+Tax

Available at all Spa L’Occitane across India

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