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Whether you’ve only been in business a few years or are an industry veteran, it’s tempting to spend revenue on updating your space, investing in new technology or financing new client incentives. Although these are all worthy investments, successful owners agree the best return occurs when you spend on your biggest asset—your employees, new products and new services.

Salon/Spa owners claim that interiors and branding pulls customers, this is a mutual concept but for managing a salon to not sustain but to grow and expand, it is essential to work on the other strategies.

The first step in growing your salon business is surrounding yourself with the right team, you need a good manager who is efficient in few technical aspects of  hair, make up and skin, not necessary to be an ‘all rounder’ but to at least be of support to his team.

The Salon Manager needs to play the role of a Team Leader and guide his team to the various aspects of successful business building and client retention, this could involve basic facts of providing clients the right service with the right product with consultation and product preferences.

Finding the right people is about creating a team that fits your business or brand, they have to fit in your culture in order for everyone to move in the same direction and to achieve your overall business goals.

BNI-girl-spa-day-Controlling Overhead in Your Hair Salon

Another important factor in successfully managing a hair salon is to keep a good control on your overhead. It is especially important that you do your research and know what hair products and chemicals your clientele will purchase to avoid having a surplus of merchandise that won’t sell.

Another important thing to keep in mind is your number of employees. While it is sometimes a good idea to have stylists that specialize in a single technique such as curling or braiding, it is important that everyone under you has the necessary skills to meet every customer’s needs. Also, having more than one stylist that specializes in the same thing is usually a waste, unless your specific clientele use those services in excess.

6 Great Tips to Successfully Manage A Salon

Know Your Area

Keeping up on current beauty trends in your area is a must. A regular research through beauty magazines or even cautiously looking at customer preferences will help you get a idea on what the locals are looking for.

Watch Your Customers

What does it say if a customer says they love their new look, but you never see them again? Some people are hesitant to voice their opinion, so you have to watch them close. If their body language is telling you something, or their facial expressions look concerned or disappointed, politely offer something a little different.

Reasonable Prices

While you may not want to offer your services at prices so low that customers see it as sub-par work, you need to make sure you aren’t charging so much that they can’t afford to come back a week or month down the road. Look for a balance between too cheap and too expensive.


Think about turning your hair salon into a whole beauty salon. Look into offering organic facials, manicures, or pedicures. Also, be certain you cover all of your bases with hair by offering cuts, perms, washes, rinses, curlers and styles.


It’s a strange fact the salon customers feel more comfortable when their stylists are very polite and soft spoken, especially those who have a Q & A with the customers asking them their choice or would they like the stylists choice. Perhaps, on some psychological level, it helps to neutralize their apprehensions.


Your customers are looking for a warm, inviting, professional salon – it’s up to you to provide that. Décor, cleanliness and maintenance must all work together to put your clientele at ease the moment they enter your hair salon, especially with the staff sanitizing their hands before commencing the treatments.

Salon management plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of the salon business, there are various consultants and also beauty academies who have introduced the courses in effective salon and spa management.


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