Shahnaz Husain talks about importance & scope of short-term beauty courses


With the fast growth of the beauty business, there is a corresponding demand for professionally trained personnel. Shahnaz Husain’s academy has been fulfilling this demand through their globally acclaimed courses. Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Training Academy offers comprehensive professional Diploma and Post-Graduate Courses, opening up lucrative career opportunities. The courses equip the student with expertise in all aspects of beauty care and in highly specialized premium treatments

Today, Beauty Therapy is extremely advanced, with high growth potential. The Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy has moved into a most crucial phase of growth, with upgraded syllabus and curriculum, in keeping with international standards and latest advancements in beauty care.

Courses available in Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Training Academy: duration, fees, eligibility

A school leaving Certificate is enough to seek admission in the Shahnaz Husain International Beauty Academy, which offers various courses, from 30 hours to 8 months duration. They are the Basic Professional Diploma Course, Diploma in Hair Design, Advanced Diploma (after completion of the Basic Course);  Advanced Diploma in Skin, Advanced Diploma in Hair Design; Advanced Diploma in Make-up; Certificate in Make-up and Styling; Certificate in Yoga – Basic; Certificate in Yoga – Advanced ; Certificate in Ayurvedic Treatments Basic and Advances; Personal Grooming, Nail Art / Body Art, Colour Therapy; Henna; Galvanic Treatments; Specialized Shahnaz Facials.

The courses are flexible in terms of duration and may be adjusted. Classes are counted on an hourly basis and one can adjust the classes according to convenience. The Diploma Course also covers clinic and business management, as well as client handling. Students are given knowledge of sound salon management and the investments required to open one’s own salon, along with techniques of making the venture a profitable one. Preparing students for beauty entrepreneurship, in terms of starting one’s own salon, was definitely a part of Shahnaz Husain’s vision.

Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain

Feasibility and benefits of short term courses

Short term courses help to add support to the main qualification. They enable a student to specialize in some aspect of beauty, or gain additional knowledge after completing the basic Diploma Course. They also help the student to gain more skill and experience, and also impart self-confidence.  The Personal Grooming course is for Self Improvement. There are Certificate Courses of one month in Make Up and Style, Make up Theory, Tools of Trade, Face Analysis, Day Make up, Evening Make up, Party makeup, Bridal makeup, Reception Makeup, Art of corrective Makeup, Hair styling, Art of Blow drying/ ironing/ tong rod setting.

Placements and career scope

The academy tries to place students in salons, which helps to sharpen their skills and gain experience. The students are also encouraged to start their own salons in a small way.

Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Training Academy provides extra value addition for students through activities like Seminars and Workshops. It also has on board the best Faculty the industry can offer, with academic excellence, practical client handling experience and a strong training background. The Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy offers decided advantages. The courses are flexible in terms of duration. Classes are counted on an hourly basis and one can adjust the classes according to convenience.


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