Spawake launches Age Solution Intensive Serum & Melting Makeup Remover


Launching on 1st September’17 – Spawake introduces Age Solution Intensive Serum, a preventive product for early signs of ageing and Melting Make Up Remover – a Non-sticky formula which melts and removes your makeup effortlessly.

spawake According to Spawake’s research, for the average female, ageing begins in mid-twenties. It has found that collagen and elastin levels in the skin tissue start to break down and the skin becomes thinner and less plump around the age of 26. Even exposure to the sun and UV rays causes fine lines. It is thus imperative for young women to take precautionary measures to maintain the health of their skin.

Spawake’s Age Solution Serum helps women achieve exactly this. With ingredients such as Pelvetia Canaliculata, Vitamin E and Astaxanthin – a naturally occurring pigment that’s found in extremely rare red algae, the magic serum activates blood circulation, nourishes the skin, gives a glow AND delays ageing!

The brand’s second revolutionary product – Melting Make Up Remover is a one of a kind non-sticky, soft and image001creamy formula that melts into a milky emulsion, blending and dissolving any tough waterproof makeup, removing it without any friction. It consists of natural ingredients such as Laminaria Japonica Extract, a rare hydrating seaweed and Maris Sal (Sea Salt), which not only remove makeup, but also rid the skin of impurities and dead cells.

According to several surveys conducted by Spawake, most women rub their skin vigorously while removing makeup which not only irritates the skin leaving redness but also causes sagging in the long run. Further, most makeup removers come with alcohol-based ingredients which can be especially irritating or drying to the skin. On the other hand, Spawake’s Melting Make Up Remover is packed with ingredients sourced from nature that have extreme hydrating skin benefits which help keep skin moisturised and healthy.

Commenting on the launch of the new products, Mr. Takashi Nomura, Director & CEO, KOSE Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are very happy to once again launch some exciting and innovative Spawake products made after extensive research, to address the skincare problems being faced by women – ageing issues like fine lines, wrinkles and makeup removal with loads of friction and oil based products that make your skin sticky post usage. Since anti-ageing segment is growing rapidly and penetration of color cosmetics is already so deep, we could think of making products for solving issues in these 2 categories. With infusion of Japanese technology, sea ingredients and fruity floral fragrance we are able to launch products that will cater to these needs and will help bloom the beauty of Indian and Nepalese women.

Bollywood actress Neha SharmaSpawake’s brand ambassador, comments on the new product launch saying; “I believe Innovation is the synonym of Spawake. They launch one after the other skincare products for India and Nepal with international features. Spawake serum is already being loved by so many women. Now they have come up with anti-ageing serum with Astaxanthin, which will surely be a remarkable product.  I am really excited about the makeup remover that melts and removes your tough makeup. Wow! This is the need of the hour for every girl.”


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