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Patrick Cameron

When hairdressers think of long hair, one man springs to mind – Patrick Cameron, the British based long hair maestro from New Zealand.

If anyone knows long hair and how to deal with it – it’s Patrick. Renowned for breath taking classic and contemporary annual collections, Patrick continues to inspire and excite his global audiences; at shows and seminars, his training school or those eagerly viewing his educational DVD’s. Patrick’s innovative and imaginative long hair work covers everything from the beautiful bridal hair to red carpet looks and session hairdressing.

The question I am asked all the time is, “can you show me an easy up-do that will excite my client?”. So, in answer to this, I have designed a collection for both types of hairdressers – those who struggle and those who are very passionate about dressing long hair. ‘PINK, The Easy Collection’, was launched at Salon International 2014 at Excel in London, and is devised to showcase 10 step-by-step looks, demonstrating just how easy long hair is to do and how these styles can be extremely profitable in the salon.


Step by Step – Josie

Step 1. Divide hair into three sections, one at the lower back, securing with a hair band, and two at the top of the head.


Step 2. Focussing on the top two sections, backcomb the hair using the speciality Patrick Cameron brush.

Step 3. Continue backcombing.


Step 4. Once you have finished backcombing, take the left section and secure with bobby pins at the nape of the neck.


Step 5. Secure with bobby pins.


Step 6. Focussing on the right side, secure with bobby pins.


Step 7. Once the hair has been secured, use the tail of the brush to lift the section of backcombing to create height.



Step 8. Now, focus on the ponytail at the back – hold the hair at the ends and backcomb up towards the head.


Step 9. Twist the hair to the left, and wrap up to create a small twisted bun.


Step 10. Secure with bobby pins.



Step 11. Spray with a strong hold hairspray.



Step 12. The final look.



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