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Trend alert:Get your hands on Strobing makeup, shine like Kareena Kapoor 

BNI_Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of Alps beauty Clinics

Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of Alps beauty Clinics

Strobing makeup is the new trend as it is much more natural and gives shine to your face. So, instead of going towards contouring and darkening the area of your face, you can go for strobing. It will simply highlight the areas and giving more youthful look to your face. Follow simple steps by Gunjan Gaur, Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Cosmetic Clinic to complete a look.

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of foundation and cover under eye circles, blemishes, patches with the concealer. Remember to keep it all natural. Then powder your face wherever required or the area of face which tends to produce more oil, like on your T-zone, chin, to set concealer.

BNI_Kareena-Kapoor-1Step 2: Load your brush with a highlighter and start applying a careful layer on cheek bone and temples, high parts of your forehead and length of nose.

Step 3: Fill your brows with a suitable brown colour and pair this look with nude or light brown eyeshadow, hint of very thin eyeliner, mascara, natural looking pink blusher, subtle shade of pink/nude/coral satin finish lipstick. Then, you’re good to glow!


Things to be kept in mind

  1. The shade of your highlighter should be in sync with your natural skin shade. For example; a cream highlighter for a fair skin, golden for wheatish skin and bronze for darker skin tones.
  2. Face makeup is always supposed to look natural, unless you are over-doing it on purpose.
  3. Take a minute to see where your face reflects light and put the highlighter on those areas.
  4. Try not to highlight acne; you’ll not like the result if done.



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