Strobing, the new Fad and How to do it


Those who have been ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ on the telly or on their social media, will notice that over the past few weeks that somehow the sisters now have more defined cheekbones.

Contrary to popular belief, the Kardashians did not opt for a discounted family scheme for liposuction. This illusion that they have a higher cheekbone is because of a new method called ‘strobing’. Trust me, this is the least eyebrow-raising, controversial reference to the word.

Strobing is, in simpler terms, the younger sibling of contouring. What is contouring? Contouring is a combination of darker skin tone shades of make-up with lighter shades to define your cheekbones and making them pop. Through subtle make-up, contouring gives either sides of your face a shape and enhances your natural face structure, especially those with round faces. Strobing gives the illusion that your cheekbones have a strong luminescence that appears to be coming from within your face.

Rohit Singh showing how to strobe your cheeks

So, how do give your cheekbones more volume, more oomph? Our makeup expert – Rohit Singh breaks down the application of make-up to strobe your cheekbones.

  1. Apply a base of tinted moisturizer. Singh suggests you get yourself the MAC Studio Moisture Fix with SPF 15. The tinted moisturizer is a mix of foundation and moisturizer to give you an even-toned look, which you can opt for when you do not want to apply heavy makeup during summers.
  2. Apply a primer. A luminous primer underneath your foundation gives an interesting glow to your skin. According to Singh, it holds the make-up for about 7-8 hours. The primer fills the pores, and is highly recommended for those above the age of 35, who are more than keen their fine lines and wrinkles. Singh recommends the Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer.
  3. Apply a highlighter, aka translucent powder. Take a highlighter, which can either be a shimmery powder or a cream which is lighter than your actual skin tone. The highlighter has to be applied on your brow bone, above both eyebrows, the inner corners of your eyes, on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, above your cupids bow, and your chin. You must always use the angular fluffy brush upwards and blend in circular motions.
  4. Apply a matte or terracotta bronzer. Finally, apply a bronzer, which gives the face and the cheekbones a subtle and bronze-y look. For the same, Singh suggests SHOW bronzer, best used with the All-In-One brush, which holds minimum product with maximum results.

Now, that you are well versed with strobing, moisturize, prime, powder and bronze your cheekbones till you have everyone around you wants to be you and be with you. Hashtag, selfie ready!


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