Students from Selfie Unisex Salon, Create a spectacular inspired look.


Inspiring and motivating stories has always kept one abreast, similarly we have an MBA in Human Resource management with extensive corporate work experience, Kamna Joshi chose to blend her vocation into an avocation when she took an advance course in Cosmetology from VLCC. Apart from this she has honed her skills by undertaking certified beauty courses from leading Makeup Studio Netherlands.

A self-made entrepreneur, she pursued her passion for hair styling and makeovers. She strongly believes, “Every individual is beautiful in their own ways. And with right kind of styling and makeover the beauty can be brought forth in the most appealing way.” Her specialty is that of a makeover artist and bridal makeups and she has a wide variety of portfolio in her kitty.

Here at BNI, we are glad to share a recent creativity by her First Batch of Students.Model 2nd

Speaking to Kamna, She proudly says “Its the place where we make students practice high fashion look. After lot of research we decided to create this look of Gigi Hadid a popular American fashion super model who shared the trend in the limelight a couple of weeks ago in Paris-“glitter under brow”

Makeup theme was Glitter under the brow, is the latest thing in face highlighting blended with indian traditional bridal look. It’s a more subtle take on the funky glitter brows trend, but it’s a little more pretty and weModel 2nd Barable, rather than funky. Done by multi gel kryolan gold, it’s easier to apply and remove. Directly applied under brow as it comes in gel form by little finger.

She smilingly further says “We hope you love this glittery look blended with Indian Makeup. It can truly be worn to any special event with the right dress. It will really give a unique pop to a simple dress – it could even take the place of sparkling jewellery!”

About Selfie Unisex Salon:
Selfie Unisex Salon is a Dream that conceived in 2012 by Kamna Joshi and delivered in 2014 with an Awestruck Aesthetics & concept that redefined Salon experience in Central India. Known for her exquisite sense of styling and makeup, Kamna Joshi is now a name that’s well established as an astonishingly talented makeup artist who is the Founder & Creative Director at Selfie Unisex Salon in Indore.




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