The Edwardian Set by Truefitt and Hill


Truefitt & Hill, the world’s oldest barbershop for men offers a wide range of products and services designed to groom gentlemen to perfection for over two centuries now. Keeping in mind their esteemed clientele, they make available a varied range of options for the men who are always on the go, be it products or accessories. Truefitt & Hill now brings to you, The Edwardian Set, a traditional shaving kit. Traditional kits are still the best grooming accessory men prefer when it comes to a close shave and a daily ritual.

Truefit t& Hill’s Edwardian set comprises of a brush, razor and a stand. Made in the UK and beautifully finished by hand with a perfectly balanced razor and handmade super shaving brush, this set is perfect for a luxurious shaving experience. The set is suitable for use with the standard Fusion or Mach III blades. This classic set is available in four colors – Faux Ebony, Ivory, Blue Opal and Horn.

The classic Edwardian Set is a must have in your grooming kit!!


Edwardian Set: Brush + Mach III Razor + Stand – IND 22,200.

Edwardian Set: Brush + Fusion Razor + Stand – IND 23,500.


Across all Truefitt & Hill outlets.


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