The Real Man launches must have products for your post Holi care regimen


Nobody can escape colours when it comes to the extremely joyous and playful festival of Holi. But the aftermath of all that colourful partying takes a toll on both one’s skin and hair. With the occasion approaching, The Real Man’s range of natural skin and hair care products are must for a gleaming look after Holi.

The Real Man face wash which is sulphate & paraben free has a quick-lathering cleansing formula that thoroughly removes impurities and visibly reduces excess oil on skin’s surface, while leaving skin looking more balanced. Further it has natural ingredients that will help to rejuvenate your skin. The Real Man shampoo which is paraben Free are a must have as it contains some active ingredients that cleanses impurities and gently removes dirt and dandruff. It not only gives your hair shine but also gives great strength to your hair.

With these products in your kit, man you can enjoy the festival of colours without stressing about the aftereffect!

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