The SoulTree “Safety Challenge” at Inorbit Mall from Oct 25 – Nov 1


Are you ready to take an exciting challenge to find out how safe your cosmetics are?

Learn more about Safe Cosmetics and Win SoulTree Hamper

Bangalore, November 28, 2015: SoulTree is stirring up excitement at Inorbit mall, Bengaluru at its kiosk located near the Main Entrance. Customers can get a chance to win exciting SoulTree Gift boxes by participating in the Safety Challenge. The Safety Challenge is a platform where consumers can know their cosmetics better. This initiative comes as a part of the brand’s philosophy about educating customers what they use & also fostering their right to know what they use as part of their daily beauty regime. Mr. Vishal Bhandari commented “We believe in spreading awareness about the harmful chemicals that go in many cosmetics, leading to long term illnesses and hence making consumers aware.“

People taking the SoulTree safety challenge in Bangalore

People taking the SoulTree safety challenge in Bangalore

What is the Safety Challenge?

It is an open challenge for consumers to discover if their cosmetics comprise of harmful chemicals. If their cosmetics are free of the 10 harmful ingredients mentioned in the challenge, then they win a SoulTree Gift Hamper worth Rs. 350. Also, to encourage more people to participate & get an understanding of the ingredients that go in making of their beauty products, we are offering a complimentary prize for participants as well.

How can we check?

By simply googling the Ingredients of the brand the  consumer is using – whether it be a lipstick, kajal, shampoo, moisturizer or any other beauty product, and tallying it with the list of toxic chemicals as verified by The Campaign of Safe Cosmetics (, the Challenge works.

Where is the Challenge taking place?

The challenge is taking place at the SoulTree Kiosk near the Main Entrance at Inorbit mall, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Duration of the challenge- The activity started on Sunday-25th October and will continue till 1st November.


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