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From ramps to Instagram, it is being seen everywhere. Let’s find more about this interesting and unique Floating eyeliner trend.

Floating eyeliner look

Floating eyeliner look

Eyeliners are a beauty staple and also a must-have for many. The best way to define eyes and  make them look beautiful & super stylish. Eyeliners can totally amp up any look and make you look sexy, glamorous, coy, playful whatever you want. Across the world girls and women have been wearing eyeliner in numerous ways, to suit their looks and desired style.

The latest popular trend in eyeliner style is the floating eyeliner.

As unique as the name floating eyeliner is rather an unconventional way to apply eyeliner.

Rather than applying the liner on the edge of the eyelid, the technique involves drawing the eyeliner high above your lash line, right where the eye creases, giving a ‘floating’ look.

If you like the cat eye look, or are game to try new and unconventional styles, this trend will surely catch your fancy. Especially people with hooded or monolids will love this trend of floating eyeliner. Eyeliners are not quite visible on people having hooded or monolids. That’s when the floating eyeliner works perfectly.

A stylish twist to floating eyeliner look

A stylish twist to floating eyeliner look

The term ‘floating eyeliner’ was coined by a makeup artist and makeup lover named @workingwithmonolids on Instagram and since then the term and style has gained immense popularity. Women with or without monolids have been trying this style and also appreciating it for its unconventional, super-stylish and novel appearance.

When the eyes are open, the floating eyeliner gives a cat-eye like appearance and nobody notices that the liner is drawn higher than the lashline and when eyes are closed it looks like a high-fashion edgy, eyeliner technique.

Now that’s a cool way to wear your eyeliner. Are you game for it?


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