Tried the Coffin nails yet?


Halloween has gone and we are still talking about Coffin nails; we are not out of our mind but simply keeping up with the hottest trends from the world of nail fashion.

Let’s talk about one of the top nail trends:  the Coffin nails.

The Coffin shape of the nails

The Coffin-like shape of the nails

The name may sound quite eerie but it’s not a Halloween look but the coffin-like shape of the nails that generates the name. This exclusive shape is achieved by tapering the sides of nails and then squaring them at the top such that it looks like a coffin. This is shape is also referred to as ballerina.

Even the famous Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting Coffin nails often which makes it evident that it’s among her favorite styles.

coffin nailsAnd why not, the coffin nails look so elegant and stylish and can add a touch of class to your look instantly.

So if you are in a mood to give your nails a new look, try out the Coffin nails.

Check out the tutorial video for getting coffin shaped nails:


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