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vandna mishra

Vandna Mishra

Vandna Mishra started her career in the beauty industry in 1992 in a small town, later she established a salon in Kanpur on good scale but with a little investment and grew her business. But along with this, she continued her studies and the learning process of beauty hair and makeup and attended various classes , seminars and workshops and she claims that she is still learning since all these years through different known makeup artists and hairstylists.

And now she has renovated her first salon and established a second branch in the same city on a large scale , also she has done some really good makeup shoots of high profile and television celebrities and further she wishes to cater to make up for films and open her salon’s branches in all the metros.


Vandna Mishra Work


When asked about her basic instinct, Vandna proudly replies ‘About makeup ,I do different types as per demand, latest trends , and also according to the client’s skin texture and face. People in my city are big fans of my bridal makeups . I also love to do party makeovers and professional shoots on models.


Vandna Mishra Work

Aside we have placed some of her creativity and viewers can see more of her creations on FB by following her.



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