Ushering in the era of creativity in makeup art and hair styling: Strands


The ever evolving salon industry is today at the cusp of an era where creativity has finally made home. Global trends, internationally prevalent looks are finding more and more takers. The salon industry in India is capable and credible to cater to the growing demands of the expanding discerning clientele.

Strands Salons is one name that is pushing the envelope of creativity every day. Being one of India’s biggest salon chains with 73 salons in 19 states, Strands has taken the onus to lead the creativity march on merit. Over the years, the creative think tank of Strands comprising of National Creative Director Ms. Raman Ghai and Regional Creative Director Ms. Mallika Chawla have been creating benchmarks in makeup and hair styling to perfection. 2016 was a significant year as it marked the launch of Battle of Brushes, an exclusive Strands property that showcased the talent nestling in Strands salons all over the nation. The creative teams of Strands created 12 looks for 2017. In a glittering event these 12 looks were dedicated to the seekers of world class beauty trends. Showcasing them as calendar for 2017 also underlined Strands of vision of communicating that creativity in salon language is much more exciting and innovative than fashion.  Haute couture has its place in beauty and hair care universe and Strands is leading the march credibly


“HBS is a benchmark show in the industry. It sets the tone of industry trends, trendsetters and innovators; we really wanted to creative an everlasting impression and inspire the fraternity in a mystic manner at HBS 2017” sums up Raman Ghai, Creative Director, Strands.

Over the years, Strands’ creativity in makeup art and hair styling has made its own niche meritoriously. It came natural to showcase these strengths at the HAIR & BEAUTY SHOW 2017. ME THE GODDESS a unique show literally handcrafted by very creative professionals at Strands rocked the HBS at Mumbai on 11th April 2017. ME THE GODDESS was conceived as a tribute to every woman, her personality, her strengths, infinite expressions. It was immensely challenging to capture true essence of a woman on a ramp; Team Strands under the guidance of Raman Ghai, Creative Director and Mallika Chawla, Regional Creative Director Hair created 6 looks with defining characteristics.

Being a woman and portraying different shades as haute couture statements and everyday expressions through the lens of professional skill, product expertise and creative intent is something to experience and feel and belong with mind and soul. Mallika Chawla, Regional Creative Director Hair sums it up well “Dressing up women as modern day goddesses was more of introspection for me as a woman too. It was both a humbling experience and a proud moment.”


Black Rose

Black Rose 

The name says it all. Black is not something taboo or dark. Black symbolizes the hidden qualities. The layers of the rose represent the layers in a woman persona. It is actually this trait that makes a woman centre of attraction in a flash.


Angel of Dreams

Angel of Dreams

When an angel steals a heart all dreams are fulfilled in an instant. Isn’t it true? Another godly trait every woman proudly wears on her sleeve every day in many ways. This haute couture look has been created to depict that in a surreal manner.


Ms. Priceless


Ms. Priceless Every woman is worth her weight in gold. She is so priceless in infinite ways that her golden shimmer pales everything to nothing. This is another truth that adorns and complements every woman. This Golden Goddess look is a tribute to the priceless virtue shining in a woman.



Ms. Snow White

Ms. Snow White

In today’s world a Snow White no longer needs dwarfs or the witch to announce herself. Her larger than life dreams, inhibited personality, charming aura and the undertone to grab every spotlight make every woman a Snowhite princess.


Ms. Cleopatra


Ms. Cleopatra

Although Cleopatra needs no introduction, I can only say that every woman loves and long to flaunt the Cleopatra self to win moments and hearts and life. The world has yet to see a better charmer than her.


Ms. Feathers

Ms. Feathers 

A woman has many feathers in her cap but they are seldom visible or noticed unless unfurled in life’s roller coaster ride. This look showcases woman’s resilience and her indomitable fighting spirit.


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