Why is CIDESCO qualification so important for beauty professionals ?


As the World Cidesco Congress 2017 is approaching, we would like to highlight the importance of Cidesco qualification.

Beauty services has become integral part of modern society with both men and women paying visits to beauty salons, clinics and spas with regular frequency to maintain their personal appearance and enhance their self esteem .

With world wide information available at click of a button, clients are aware of level of the services that they could expect from a good beauty service outlets . Safety and hygiene norms of world class standards at beauty salons and clinics have now become an important consideration  for Clients before they decide to avail of services .


It is in such environment that beauty education, skill and qualification of beauty professionals comes under scanner .

Worldwide the most respected qualification one could acquire in the field of beauty therapy is beauty diploma from CIDESCO, an organisation which is respected for its high standards for over 70 years is the first name among recruiters  worldwide when it comes to employing high quality beauty professionals.

CIDESCO diploma holders  assures both the employers and clients that the qualified beauty professional who would be working on clients is the most competent one to provide service of the highest order with major consideration towards safety and hygiene . CIDESCO graduates have sound knowledge of body anatomy-psychology besides detailed knowledge of various skin conditions and treatments .

No wonder CIDESCO graduates are among the highest paid professionals and also commands higher respect in society as cosmetologist .

Thus CIDESCO qualification is the most desirable beauty qualification and sets a beauty / SPA therapist or makeup artist  apart from rest with accelerated career growth .

Who should attend the CIDESCO Congress ?

CIDESCO congress is an annual global event where CIDESCO professionals from all over the world converge to participate in high value knowledge conference and Exhbition . Beauty professionals who are not yet CIDESCO qualified could also attend this event and have an opportunity to interact with some of the best brains in beauty industry. For many in India it would be once in their lifetime opportunity to be a part of this event as this is the very first time in 70 years that CIDESCO congress is being held in India . abtc

India boost of having more then 10 million beauty professionals operating at various level however very few percentage of them less then 0.1% of such professionals would be qualified as per international standard and are largely oblivious of developments taking place globally in beauty service especially treatment space .

Attending CIDESCO congress would give opportunity to such professionals to expand their awareness level and enhance their knowledge .

ABTC Urges every beauty professionals in India to mark the CIDESCO conference date in their Calendar   (18th-19th September 2017) and ensure to be present and change their destiny .

To book your seat for this international event register through www.cidescocongress2017.com


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