Winter skin care combo from IHA Vedic Essentials


A classic Winter combo from IHA Vedic Essentials to take care of all your winter skin care needs

IHA Boroheal

IHA Boroheal


IHA Boroheal Foot Scrub Bar is a Heal N Repair Formula with Natural Luffa. It is powerful yet gentle Foot Scrub that heals all foot heel & sole problems one has, right from preventing foot infections, to removal and healing of foot cracks, to skin renewal leading to softer, smoother & healthier feet. The magical healing blend of turmeric, sandalwood, aloe & karanj oil with exfoliant luffa fruit fibers makes your feet feathery soft.

 IHA VEDIC Aloe essentials

Iha aloe essential is a natural soap free facial cleanser that hydrates and moisturizes the skin while providing it with a refreshing sensation. Natural extracts of Neem, turmeric, basil & mango ginger fight infections, helps unclogs pores and reduces excess oiliness from skin. Moisturizing aloe Vera ensures that your skin is not dried out and that it retains natural moisture

IHA Skin Dew

IHA Skin Dew


Skin Dew is an ayurvedic dry skin lotion prepared from “claimed to be the best” natural/ayurvedic-  skin moisturizers & emollients. Enriched with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Cucumber, Almond Oil & Sunflower Oil, IHA SKIN DEW is a rich creamy lotion that quickly penetrates the epidermis and replenishes skin’s natural moisture and vital lipids. The natural actives like Brahmi & Aloe Vera promote skin nourishment, cell renewal & skin rejuvenation, make skin soft, smooth, supple, youthful & visibly radiant on regular use.

Aloe Moist bathing bar

Aloe Moist Enriched with natural skin moisturizers & conditioners like Aloe Vera, Lotus, Karanj, Gingelly, and Neem, IHA ALOE MOIST is a naturally derived body wash that offers extra – gentle skin care. It gently cleanses the skin without irritating or producing any sign of dryness leaving behind a soft, supple, smooth & well moisturized skin. The natural essence of ALOE VERA BAR soothes & calms your senses & relaxes the mind.

Honey Dew ( Natural Body Wash)

IHA HONEY DEW is a gentle yet potent antiseptic Body Wash. Enriched with strong detoxifying & deodorant ayurvedic actives like Neem, Licorice, Basil , Screw- pine & Honey that not only cleanse & condition the body but also detoxify the skin of germs, toxins & body odor. The sweet aroma of Screw-pine & Basil calms your body & mind and alleviates your body from fatigue & tiredness. Thus, making you feel fresh & lively throughout the day.



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